What is Lean Six Sigma?

This data driven methodology has revolutionized the way companies attack process performance issues and the associated costs in their business. Six Sigma drives decision making based on data and not opinion or guesswork.


In statistical terms, a sigma (σ) is a standard deviation, and to have a 6 sigma process would be to have a 3.4 parts per million defect rate.

The Six Sigma approach focuses on cost reduction by reducing defects in a process. It has a five phase approach known as the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process:


Clear definition of problem/opportunity, Customer requirement(s), project boundaries and cost impact to the business


Data driven understanding of current state or condition of process


Validate the significance of causes and effects by application of graphical and statistical analysis


Development and implementation of action plans, Design of Experiments, Mistake-Proofing (Poka-Yoke), and standardized work


Establish and implement controls to sustain the gains. Such controls include Statistical Process Control (SPC), visual work instructions, preventive maintenance enhancements, control plan development/revision, etc…

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We at Sigma Dynamics, LLC have learned that whereas all businesses are very different they are also much alike. Alike in that each business is driven by a network of processes; each with key inputs and outputs. We pride ourselves in our ability to see through the haze and find the processes of any business. Once the process is discovered, the opportunities start to become clear and this is where Six Sigma project improvements and cost savings begin to accumulate.